Volunteer Appreciation Celebration Event

The gift of time and talent given by the community to The Library is appreciated. The Library celebrates volunteerism at a yearly event.

2019 Volunteer Appreciation Celebration


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2018 Volunteer Appreciation Celebration


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2017 Volunteer Appreciation Celebration


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Book Plate Honor of Volunteerism Titles

Bergstrasser, Richard - Mouseling’s Words (Crum)

Boltz, Sandra - Many: The Diversity of Life on Earth (Davies)

Bydlon, Cynthia M. - Wide-Awake Bear (Miller)

CAIU-Student Services - The Magnificent Book of Ocean Creatures

Cammarata, Ryan - Animal Ears (Holland)

Carey, Ashlynne - On the Other Side of the Garden (Buitrago)

Carey, Thomas - All Aboard the Discovery Express (Hawkins)

Carlson, Denise - I Am a Cat (Bernstein)

Celsky, Jacqueline - Pillowland (Berkner)

Centini, James - Earth!: My First 4.54 Billion Years (McAnulty)

Chiavetta, Donna - Horses (Simon)

Clinch, Sherman - This Is The Chick (Hartmann)

Country Meadows Associates Volunteers - Anybody’s Game (Lang)

County Commissioners Association of PA - Up In the Leaves: The True Story of the Central Park Treehouses (Boss)

Grubb, Joyce - Sakura’s Cherry Blossoms (Weston)

Hamann, Luke A. - Bear and Wolf (Salmieri)

Hamonko, Elizabeth M. - What’s My Superpower? (Johnston)

Harrisburg Sci Tech Students - Little Red Riding Hood (Watts)

Heilman, Trace - The Boy and the Blue Moon (O’Leary)

Hindman, Bonnie R - Hoot and Peep: A Song for Snow

Hunter, Karen - Adelaide’s Secret World (Hurst)

Ilgen, Deborah - Confucius: Great Teacher of China (Demi)

Kance, Pamela K. - I Love Cats! (Stainton)

Karcesky, Madison H. - Hey, Baby!: A Collection of Pictures, Poems, and Stories from Nature’s Nursery (Drimmer)

Kepple, Charles - In the Past (Elliott)

Klinger, Alphus - Shake the Tree! (Vignocchi)

Koerber, Elizabeth - A Book for Benny (Koppens)

Lehnert, Stephen - Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover

Life Skill Students LDHS - That Fruit Is Mine! (Allepuz)

Life Skills Students Upper Dauphin HS - Dreaming of You (VanDerwater)

Lindo, Sherrine - Did You Hear What I Heard?: Poems About School (Winters)

Loden, Rachel - Grace for Gus (Bliss)

Long, Jean - Flo (Maclear)

Lum, Karen - Lola Dutch (Wright)

MacDonald, Nancy - A Peaceful Garden (London)

Mangus-Velez, Destiny - If I Had a Horse (Marino)

McCormick, Kathleen - Poppy, Buttercup, Bluebell, and Dandy (Woodcock)

McNaughton, Diane - Festival of Colors (Sehgal)

McNeal, Steven - While You Are Sleeping (Johnson)

Mendlow, Emily - Maverick and Me (Schwarzenegger)

Mid Penn Bank Volunteers - With Your Paw In Mine (Chapman)

Miller, Vicki - Runaway Baby Brother (Hudson)

Moats, James - All the Animals Where I Live (Stead)

Morrone, Tami S. - Mae Among the Stars (Ahmed)

Moser, Dorothy - 100 Things I Love To Do With You (Schwartz)

Moyer, Mary - Be Brave, Little Penguin (Andreae)

Mutek, Christina - The Best Tailor in Pinbaue (Toledo)

Parikh, Sarang - Natalie’s Hair Was Wild (Freeman)

Parks, Jean - I Love a Book (Rhatigan)

PAWS 2 Read - A Mammal Is An Animal (Rockwell)

Pyne, Garrett - Vincent Comes Home (Bagley)

Reinhart, Christina - Sun and Moon: Folk Tales by Various Artists (Wolf)

Reyes, Natalie - Libba: The Magnificent Musical Life of Elizabeth Cotton (Veirs)

Rogers, Carly - Brave Jane Austen: Reader, Writer, Author, Rebel (Pliscou)

Roth, Patricia - The Field (Paul)

Ruhl, Erica Mae - Old Hat (Gravett)

Sala, Joana - Trailblazer: The Story of Ballerina Raven Wilkinson (Schubert)

Santos, Rob - Foxes (Riggs)

Schlabach, Jordan - Martin Rising: A Requiem for a King (Pinkney)

Selgas, Barbara - A Place to Start a Family: Poems About Creatures That Build (Harrison)

Sheaffer, Tara S. - Fossil By Fossil: Comparing Dinosaur Bones (Levine)

Shertzer, Nancy - 100 Scientists Who Made History (Mills)

Snodgrass, Jack - The Chinese Emperor’s New Clothes (Compestine)

Stage, Stefanie K. - Ruby’s Chinese New Year (Lee)

Stillman, Susan - The Tiptoeing Tiger (Leathers)

Stinson, Maria - Dear Girl (Rosenthal)

Stokes, Floyd - Seeing Into Tomorrow (Wright)

Tandlmayer, Terry - Kate, Who Tamed the Wind (Scanlon)

Teklegergis, Yonas - The Perfect Pillow (Pinder)

Thompson, Michelle - Baby Bear’s Book of Tiny Tales (McPhail)

Torrens, Heidi - The Secret Kingdom (Rosenstock)

Travis, Nancy - Earth Verse: Haiku From the Ground Up (Walker)

Underkoffler, Joseph - Let the Children March (Clark-Robinson)

Vignati, Ralph - Dino Duckling (Murray)

Vista School, The - Hidden City: Poems of Urban Wildlife (Tuttle)

Vo, Kevin - This is the Nest That Robin Built (Fleming)

Vu, Nesta - The Little Red Fort (Maier)

Walker, Craig A - A Bear Sat On My Porch Today (Yolen)

Watts, Jordi - Rumble Grumble…Hush (Banks)

Weakland, James - Rabbit & Possum (Wulfekotte)

Weakland, Miriam - Words and Your Heart (Neal)

Weaver, Donna - How to Grow a Dinosaur (Esbaum)

Williams, Cheryl - The Littlest Viking (Penfold)

Wiser, Zachary - Traveling the Blue Road: Poems of the Sea (Hopkins)

Wnuk, Christine - A Leap for Legadema (Joubert)

Zec, Ida - & Tank (Fleck)

Zitto, Jack V. - Bub (Stanton)