• How to clone a mammoth : the science of de-extinction  The epigenetics revolution : how modern biology is rewriting our                understanding of genetics, disease, and inheritance  Whoosh! : Lonnie Johnson's super-soaking stream of inventions Life's greatest secretGravity
    Sabotage / Matt Cook  Applied minds : how engineers think  A case for climate engineering Ender's game Extreme bridges
    Jurassic Park / Michael Crichton  Engineering Eden : the true story of a violent death, a trial,                and the fight over controlling nature  The right kind of crazy : a true story of teamwork, leadership,                and high-stakes innovation InvasiveArmy of shadows
    Boys who rocked the world : heroes from King Tut to Bruce Lee  Cool careers without college for people who can build things  Water to the angels: William Mulholland, his monumental aqueduct,                and the rise of Los Angeles Von Braun : dreamer of space, engineer of warThe engineering book : from the catapult to the Curiosity Rover
    The age of Edison  Super you : how technology is revolutionizing what it means to be                human  Wonders of life : exploring the most extraordinary force in the                universe Careers for tech girls in technologyMission to Mars : my vision for space exploration
    Mars rover Curiosity  Trapped under the sea : one engineering marvel, five men, and a                disaster ten miles into the darkness  SpaceX and Tesla Motors engineer Elon Musk To capture what we cannot keepBuilding wonders
    Man 2.0 : engineering the alpha  Preston Tucker and his battle to build the car of tomorrow  Brief histories of everyday objects Job U : how to find wealth and success by developing the skills                companies actually need

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